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The Cloud Electronics CX163 two zone stereo pre amp mixer providing six stereo line level inputs and one microphone input. It's ideal for sound systems for pubs, bars, shops and leisure venues & is one of our favourite products.

The Cloud CX163 has 2 stereo zone outputs and 1 mono utility output (ideal for utility areas such as toilets and foyers). Music level can be controlled remotely by the RL-1 (see related products) on both stereo zones and when operating in mono, each zone can be split into two sub-zones each with its own remote level control (RL-1).

Once installed this compact 1U rack mounted 2 zone mixer is extremely simple and convenient to operate.

  • Two zone stereo mixer with mono utility output
  • Both stereo zones can be configured to run as mono
  • Utility output is constant 0dB
  • Utility music source selectable via internal jumper
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install and configure
  • 6 stereo line inputs
  • Line 6 priority over other input sources in Zone 1 only
  • Remote music mute
  • Microphone access contacts for paging to all 3 zones
  • 100Hz high pass filter on all microphone inputs
  • Two band microphone EQ
  • Remote level control in each zone using RL-1
  • Front panel controls give microphone level, music source select and volume
  • Optional equaliser modules for Bose loudspeakers can be fitted to any output

Additional Information



100mV (-17.8dBu) to 1.5V (+6dBu)

Input Gain Control

24 dB range

Input Impedance

>2 kohms (balanced)


LF ±10 dB @ 50 Hz, HF: ±10 dB @ 10 kHz


>20 dB


Gain Range

10 dB – 50dB


>20 dB

Input Impedance

>2 kohms (balanced)

Common Mode Rejection

1 kHz, >70 dB


LF: ±10 dB @ 100 Hz, HF: ±10 dB @ 5 kHz


Power consumption


Power Input

230 V ±10%

Dimensions Net (w x h x d)

482 mm x 44 mm (1U) x 152.5 mm

Weight (Net)

3.5 kg

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