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Cloud Electronics PM4-SA & PM8-SA

4 zone public address microphone with individual and multiple zone selection as well as spot announcememt message storage and activation. Up to 8 message may be stored.
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The Cloud Electronics PM4-SA / PM8-SA Mutizone Paging Microphones with 'Spot Announcer' function offers reliable paging microphone performance with the added functionality of pre-recorded message announcement capability.

Up to four (PM4-SA) or eight (PM8-SA) pre-recorded messages, of any length, can be stored internally on a standard SD memory card, plugged into a dedicated card slot and accessed through the base plate of the PM-SA unit.

A 'Group' function allows an individual message and a number of zones to be grouped together which allows single-button playback of individual messages to a specified number of zones, handy for regular announcements. The 'Group' function can also be remotely triggered by remote timers, PIR's, Camera's and DVR's using a NO/NC contact.

Messages for announcement and pre-announcement chime sound files (.WMA or .MP3) need to be prepared on a computer with a SD card slot, and then saved to the SD card.  For operational and security reasons messages cannot be overwritten by the paging microphone. 

 An SD card is supplied with each PM-SA unit, with pre-announcement chime sound files already loaded.

  • Integral high quality gooseneck microphone
  • Storage of up to eight message files (of any length) on internal SD card
  • Individual and multiple zone selection for both paging and messages
  • External NC/NO message triggering
  • Up to 8 definable zone groups with group selection
  • Assignment of specific messages and/or chimes to zone groups
  • ‘TALK/SEND’ and ‘CALL ALL’ buttons
  • SD card holds up to 8 chime sound files
  • Internal chime sounder
  • Zone Disable function
  • 'BUSY’ LED to indicate unit or network activity
  • Configurable two-layer paging priority system
  • Optional automatic zone reset after paging/messaging
  • Suitable for free-standing or wall mounted operation

Additional Information

Capsule Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Gooseneck length 300 mm (standard); 140 mm (alternative Part No. MI100166)
Zones Number of Zones 4 or 8
Chime Number of Chimes 4 or 8 (derived from SD card); internal speaker
Digital Cloud Digital Paging Interface (RJ45)
Analogue Zone Access Output (Short to Ground), Audio Output
Number of messages 4 or 8; internal speaker
Card format
File system FAT16 or FAT32
File types MP3 or WMA
Power input
Voltage range 9 - 17 VAC, 12 - 24 VDC
Current consumption
120 mA (PM4-SA, idle mode)
220 mA (PM4-SA, message mode)
150 mA (PM8-SA, idle mode)
250 mA (PM8-SA, message mode)
Dimensions 245 wide x 65 high (less gooseneck mic) x 170 deep (mm)

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