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Voice Alarm: EN54

Voice Alarm: EN54

EN 54 Voice Alarm systems ensure that an audible and intelligible evacuation message can be heard throughout a commercial building in an emergency.

The EN 54 Standard ensures a high level of audibility, intelligibility & speaker circuit integrity in the event of a fire, essential to life safety. Safety features are incorporated into the design of Voice Alarm loudspeakers and audio amplifiers.

VA is a specialised area of Public Address and all EN54 compliant loudspeakers, amplifiers and associated equipment must be installed in line with BS5839 part 8 guidelines. It is essential that the installer has expert knowledge of the required Standard.

Voice Alarm Amplifiers must comply with EN54-16 and include line supervision & emergency paging override.

EN54-24 Speakers are used in Public Address systems in buildings like airports, shopping centres, concert venues and football stadia.

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