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Bosch LC4-CBB

Ceiling speaker back box for LC4 range of loudspeakers for EN54-24 compliance.
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The Bosch LC4-CBB is an optional back‑box for the LC4-UC06E, LC4-UC12E and LC4-UC24E ceiling speakers.

Use of either this ABS back box or the alternative LC4-MFD metal fire dome ensures compliance with EN54-24 for Voice Alarm systems.

The LC4CBB protects the rear of the loudspeaker from dust and other falling debris, makes it vermin proof and prevents sound traveling via the ceiling cavity to adjacent areas.

The back‑box has a snap fit fitting to the loudspeaker and has knock‑out holes for two grommets (11.5 mm) and for two cable glands (20.5 mm) on the top.

NB. Speaker not included.

Additional Information




160 mm (6.29 in)

Maximum depth

78 mm (3.07 in)


ABS (V 0)


160 g (0.35 lb) 


Black (RAL 9011) 

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