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Bosch LC4-UC06E

Wide coverage ceiling speaker. 6", 6 watts, 100 volt line & 8 ohm.

EN54-24 compliant if optional back box / fire dome is fitted.

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The Bosch LC4-UC06E ceiling loudspeaker can be used for a wide variety of indoor public address applications to provide excellent speech and music quality.

Compliant with EN54-24 and BS5839 part 8 when used with the optional LC4CBB or LC4MFD back box / fire dome. (see related products)

There are 3 variants in the range rated at 6w, 12w, and 24w all with the same 200mm diameter grille. The LC4UC06E is rated at 6 watts, 100 volt line and 8Ω.

New CosCone driver technology used in this range, delivers outstanding sound quality from a small sized unit, ensuring a wide and equal spread of all octave frequencies and eliminates high‑frequency beaming.

Fewer loudspeakers are needed to cover a given area, and the noticeable “fading” that can occur as a listener walks from one loudspeaker to another area is eliminated.

The LC4 range includes a back‑box and metal fire‑dome - the use of either ensures the LC4 range comply with EN54-24 and BS5839 part 8.


Additional Information




Ceiling loudspeaker

Maximum power

9 W , 18 W,  36W

Rated power

6 W (6/3/1.5/0.75W)

SPL at 6 W power / 1 W (1 kHz, 1 m)

95 dB / 87 dB (SPL)

Opening angle at 1 kHz / 4kHz (-6 dB)

180° / 180° 

Effective frequency range(-10 dB)

65 Hz to 20 kHz 

Rated voltage

6.93 / 70 / 100 V

Rated impedance

8 / 835 / 1667 Ohm

Electrical connection

4‑way screw terminal block

Acceptable wire gauge

0.5 – 3 mm²


200 mm (7.87 in)

Mounting cut‑out

162 mm (6.38 in)

Min./Max. ceiling thickness

5 to 50 mm (0.19 to 1.97 in)

Maximum depth

70 mm (2.75 in)

Material (Loudspeaker unit)

 ABS (V 0)

Material (front grille)

 Steel mesh with ABS (V 0) rim


 800 g / (1.77 lb)

Colour (front grille)

 White (RAL 9003)

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