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Our Recycling Policy

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As a company, we try to recycle as much as possible and keep non-reusable waste to a minimum.

In the office, used copier paper, card or paper packaging is collected for recycling. Paper containing addresses or other sensitive information is finely shredded and used as packaging.

We email documents where possible and no longer post invoices, statements or quotes, saving valuable paper resources and the obvious carbon footprint associated with that.

Printer cartridges are collected up and taken to a local cartridge recycling store.

All incoming packaging is reused. Wooden pallets are reused where possible and the rest are taken home by staff for use in wood burning stoves.

Used batteries and water filter cartridges are collected and deposited in the special bins at the supermarket.

Tea bags are taken home and composted. Plastic and metal food and drink containers are recycled at the local community recycling centre.

We are not going to profess that we are 100% ecologically sound, but we can say that Commercial Audio Solutions tries very hard to have as little impact on the environment as possible.