Apart Zone4R

ZONE4R is a remote control panel for the ZONE4, APart's multifunctional 4-zone pre-amplifier.

The control panel offers music level control, source selection and microphone mix level control. A clear digital display makes it easy to monitor the functioning of the unit.

Easy to install, the ZONE4R is connected to the ZONE4 by a standard CAT-5 cable (or higher). Both T-568A and T-568B cable terminations can be used. The maximum approved CAT5 cable length is 100m per zone, according to circumstances. Mounting screws are included. A build-in box (BBi1) and surface mounted back box (BB1) is available.

Up to 8 ZONE4R control panels can be connected to a single ZONE 4 pre-amplifier in any configuration (e.g. 2 panels x 4 zones or 8 panels x 1 zone or any other combination with a total of 8 panels). You can connect multiple Zone4R units to the ZONE4 main unit using the RJ45 split hub.

Each controller has its unique network address.

Sophisticated but yet affordable: this remote control has all basic controls, is easy to install and easy to use.

(NB: the ZONE4R is specific to the APart ZONE4 four-zone pre amplifier and can't be used for controlling another pre-amplifier. ZONE4R cannot be linked to a PC and is not network compatible!)

  • Front plate dimensions : 114 x 80 mm
  • Mounting hole spacing : 83 mm
  • Cutout dimensions without back box : 70 W x 55 H mm
  • Mounting depth : 40 mm
  • CAT5 or CAT6 cables only, max. 100 m per zone.
  • ZONE4R cover plate is not interchangeable.
List Ex VAT: £40.00
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