Assistive Listening
Assistive Listening

Assistive Listening

To help you comply with the Equality Act of 2010, we stock a huge range of assistive listening products including an extensive selection of AFILS (Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems) from a simple counter loop to Phased Array systems which permit multiple close range hearing loops to operate without ‘overspill’. Computer modelled loop field designs can be supplied with quotations along with wiring patterns where required.

Alternatively, infra-red audio systems offer secure transmission for confidential proceedings in places like court rooms & corporate environments.

Please see our Assistive Listening Blog which explains a little about the different systems available.

For further information, the following independent guides are available to download:
The ISCVE Guide to Assistive Listening Systems
The ISCVE Code of Practice for the Design & Operation of Assistive Listening Systems

Both guides have been produced by industry experts on behalf of the Institute of Sound, Communications & Visual Engineers.