Wharfedale Professional
Wharfedale Professional

Wharfedale Professional

Wharfedale Professional manufacture professional and commercial loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers and controllers.

Gilbert Briggs founded Wharfedale in Yorkshire, England in 1932. His love of music and endless pursuit for better sound quality won him much respect and admiration.

The company produced transducers and transformers for the first few years before launching a 10” two way loudspeaker in 1945 which would set a standard for the entire industry.

The 1950s saw a collaboration with Quad in a huge experiment to compare live and recorded sound quality before the company was bought by the Rank Organisation.

Over the next 3 decades new technology helped Wharfedale develop new materials and many new loudspeaker models. The Wharfedale Diamond loudspeaker was created in 1981 and has remained a stalwart of the industry ever since.

Wharfedale Pro was created in 1998 to concentrate on specific products for the professional music industry and today the range includes loudspeakers, mixers, equalizers, effects modules and amplifiers.

Now part of the International Audio Group, Wharfedale Pro are proud to engineer every single component from scratch in house in the pursuit of better and better professional audio products.