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The Bosch Plena PLE-2MA120 is a highly versatile 120 watt 2 zone mixer amp with a total of 9 inputs, suitable for 100 volt line commercial audio systems as well as low impedance sound systems using 8 ohm loudspeakers.

Easy to use, with simple zone labels included in the box as well as setting indicators which enable the installer to place coloured markers on the volume and tone controls to indicate optimum and maximum recommended volume settings.

An integral 24 VDC battery charger trickle charges a 24 VDV backup battery (available separately) which could then power the amplifier in the event of a mains failure. 

Despite its simplicity, the PLE 2MA120 still has flexible features such as ducking, priority paging and voice activated emergency override. 

The Bosch PLE2MA120 can be used freestanding or mounted in a 19" rack using the rack mounting brackets supplied.

2 zone call station / paging mic available - see PLE-2CS.

  • 120 watt 100 volt line / 8 ohm
  • 2 separate zones
  • 2 zone call station paging microphone available - see PLE-2CS
  • Up to 8 Call station daisy chained using Cat 5 data cable
  • 6 low noise balanced inputs for mic or line
  • 3 additional, separate line inputs with their own input selector and volume control
  • Further 100 volt input, Telephone and a call station input with priority & vox
  • Separate tone control for mic inputs and music inputs
  • RJ45 connection for remote wall plate WP3S2Z (see ancillary section)
  • Built-in chime for announcements
  • Zone labelling and setting indicator pins
  • Smart equalizing
  • Speech and Music tone control
  • AC and 24VDC operation
  • Battery charger built-in
  • LED VU Meter
  • 19" rack mount brackets included

Additional Information

Mains power supply



115 - 230 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz

Inrush current

8/16 A (230/115 VAC)

Power consumption

 400 VA

Battery power supply



24 VDC, +10% / -15%

Current / Charge Current

6A / 0.5 ADC

Charge Float Voltage

27.3 VDC



Frequency response

50 Hz to 20 kHz (+1/‑3 dB @ ‑10 dB ref. rated output)


<1% @ rated output power, 1 kHz

Bass Control

Treble Control

Max -12/+12 dB (frequency is setting dependent)

Max -12/+12 dB (frequency is setting dependent)

RJ-45 input

2 x

1 x Wall panel input & 1 x Call Station Input


Mic / Line Input


Input 1 (Push-to-talk contact with ducking functionality)

5-pin Euro style, balanced, phantom 3-pin XLR, balanced, phantom

Input 2-6 (VOX with ducking functionality on input 2)

3-pin XLR, balanced, phantom

Phantom power supply

16 V via 1.2 kohm (mic)

Music Inputs x 3

Cinch, stereo converted to mono

Emergency / telephone x 1

7-pin, Euro style pluggable screw terminal

Insert 1 x


Master/music output x 1

3-pin XLR, balanced

Loudspeaker output 100 V

Screw, floating

Max / rated PLE-2MA120-EU

180 W / 120 W

Loudspeaker output 8 ohm

Euro style pluggable screw terminal, floating


31 V (120 W)


Dimensions (H x W x D)

100 x 430 x 270 mm (19" wide, 2U high)


Stand-alone, 19" rack




Approx. 10.5 kg

View FileWhy An Impedance Meter is Essential for Audio Installers    Size: (72.64 KB)
View FileBosch PLE-2MA120 / PLE-2MA240 Architect Specification    Size: (462.17 KB)
View FileBosch PLE-2MA120 / PLE-2MA240 User Manual    Size: (2.72 MB)
View FileBosch PLE-2MA120 / PLE-2MA240 Datasheet    Size: (340.01 KB)
View FileBosch PLE-WP3S2Z    Size: (253.2 KB)
View FileEC Declaration of Conformity: PL-10M2, 2MA120, 2MA240    Size: (690.25 KB)
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