Williams AV W-IR IR T1
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Williams AV W-IR IR T1

The Williams AV W-IR IR T1 two-channel infrared transmitter is a combined infrared modulator and emitter for lower operating costs, reduced rack space requirement and easy set up ideal for high quality audio programs such as music, television audio, and audio description and provides coverage of up to 100m².

Suitable for small areas or private TV listening in small conference rooms, hospital rooms, assisted living facilities, medical treatment centres and jury deliberation rooms.

Very low power consumption – can be powered by USB output on a television. Supplied with audio cable, USB cable, adapter cable and power supply.

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Width: 5.65”(14.4 cm), Depth: 3.65”(9.3 cm), Height: 1.15”(2.9 cm)


8.3 oz (235 g)



Power Supply:

TFP 055 – 100-240VAC 50/60Hz Input; 5VDC, 1A USB Output, Universal Supply with international adapters

Other USB Power Supply (must be at least 5VDC, 0.2A)

Power Cable:

USB to micro USB cable

DC Power Input:

Micro USB connector, 5VDC, 0.2A

Power Indicator:

Green LED

Sleep/Power Save Mode:

Shuts off carrier when no audio present for 12 minutes


FM Wideband, ±50 kHz deviation max, 50 μS pre-emphasis

Carrier Frequencies:

2.3MHz (Ch 1) and 2.8MHz (Ch 2)

Default at power on = carriers off.  Carriers are automatically enabled upon presence of audio.

Coverage Area:

1,000 sq. ft (93 sq. m.)

Audio Inputs:

3.5mm stereo line level input jack, Ch 1 connected to tip, Ch 2 connected to ring, GND connected to sleeve

Audio Indicators:

One Yellow LED per channel, lights up and stays on steady with minimum audio level.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:

70 dB at onset of limiting

Frequency Response:

100 - 12,000 Hz

Operating Requirements:

32°-122°F (0-50°C)

Mounting Kit:

Optional:  STD 008 TV Top Shelf Mounting Kit

Optional:  BKT 024 Omnidirectional mount for wall or ceiling mounting

Compatible Receivers:

WIR RX22-4, WIR RX18


2 years



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