Williams AV W-NKL 001

The Williams AV W-NKL 001 neckloop is used with the W-IR RX22-4N receiver to create a personal loop field for someone with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Use with hearing aids equipped with a T-coil switch or an induction earphone.

Fitted with a 3.5 mm mono jack plug, 8 - 16 Ω.

Safety Breakaway Feature

The W-NKL001 neckloop has an integrated anti-ligature device. In the event the neckloop cord becomes entangled with a object in motion, the breakaway device will disconnect the neckloop from the user.

  • Integrated safety breakaway device
  • 18" Cord
  • Adult size
  • 3.5mm plug
  • monoaural
  • 8-16 ohm
  • Recommended for FM receivers and select IR receivers
  • For individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss
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Receiver Style:

Body-Pack, dual-lens detector, lanyard


4.1” L x 2.85” W x 1.2” H (104.1 mm x 72.4 mm x 30.4 mm)


4.5 oz (127 g) with batteries




3 ft (0.91 m), allows receiver to be worn around the neck

Battery Type:

2 x AA, alkaline (BAT 001-2) or NiMH (BAT 026-2)

Battery Life:

Alkaline: 60 hours, NiMH: 30 hours/charge

Battery Drain:

25 mA, nominal

Charging Contacts:

For use only with CHG 3512

Carrier Frequency:

Channel 1: 2.3 MHz, Channel 2: 2.8 MHz

Channel 3: 3.3 MHz, Channel 4: 3.8 MHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:

60 dB min.

Frequency Response:

25 Hz to 16 KHz, +1 dB, -3 dB, electrical response

Total Harmonic Distortion:

Less than 1%, electrical response


ON/OFF/VOLUME: combination thumbwheel knob

Channel Selector: four-position rotary switch


Red LED “ON” indicator, flashes to indicate Low battery

Audio Output Jacks:

3.5 mm stereo mini phone jack Accepts 3.5 mm mono or stereo phone plug

Audio Output Power:

15 mW max at 32 Ω

Acoustic Output:

125 dB SSPL90 with HED 021; 110 dB SSPL90 w/ EAR 013

Compatible Headphones/Earphones:

Mono or stereo, 8-32 ohms, 3.5 mm mini phone plug, HED 021, HED 026, EAR 013, EAR 014, EAR 022, NKL 001

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