A church sound system needs careful consideration to accommodate the challenging acoustics often encountered in these large reverberant spaces whether its a Church, Cathedral, Mosque or other Place of Worship

A large number of audio products we distribute are ideal for Church sound reinforcement.

The British made Hush Audio Church Organ Speakers have been engineered specifically for digital church organs and their focussed array column loudspeakers are perfect for speech & background music. 

A fixed podium microphone will enable clear vocal reproduction of sermons from the pulpit, but a wireless headset radio microphone may be more suitable for ministers who prefer to move around the congregation.

Additionally, an induction loop system helps to make services accessible to all, by improving the audio quality for those with a T switch on a hearing aid.

Our church sound expert can help design your church sound system - please call us on 01663 767888 or email us at for advice.

Church sound systems can be complex in nature with many variables to consider. We would strongly recommend you deal with a specialised local installer who can visit your project and provide a competitive quotation for installation. We have a comprehensive customer base of first class installers throughout the UK and Ireland and we are very happy to introduce you and ensure that you are looked after throughout the process.