Retail sound systems can be configured for any size retail space from a simple background music system for a small shop to a paging and voice evacuation sound system for a large commercial shopping centre.

This is an example of a large retail unit over two floors with its own cafe and warehouse area. There are examples of smaller retail audio systems shown in the attached download. These examples can be adapted and expanded upon as required.

Example of a 4 zone retail sound system

Once the correct size of amplifier has been identified, we can help you choose the right loudspeakers whether it’s music cabinet speakers for a clothes shop, ceiling speakers for a retail store, or suspension pendant speakers for a large supermarket or DIY store with high ceilings requiring coverage over a large area.

The Spottune wireless streaming system is the perfect solution for boutiques & designer clothing stores - the stylish speakers can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted onto a standard lighting track in seconds allowing high quality music & announcements to be streamed wirelessly. Audio quality can be enhanced further with the Spottune active subwoofer and the entire system can be monitored and controlled by mobile phone App.

For expert advice on which audio equipment is best suited to your retail sound system, please call us on 01663 767888 or email us at and we will do our best to help you.

Retail sound systems can be complex in nature and whilst we can help you design an effective sound system for a store, shopping centre, supermarket or just an induction loop for a bank counter, we would strongly recommend you engage with a local installer with the correct expertise to visit you and provide a competitive quotation for installation. These systems run on high voltages so it's essential your contractor has the right experience. Our comprehensive customer base includes commercial audio installers throughout the UK and Ireland and we're very happy to introduce you and ensure that you are looked after throughout.

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