There are many types of water resistant speakers with different levels of protection to suit a variety of applications.

Speakers around a swimming pool only need to resist light splashes of water but speakers for a ship or boat need to endure intense weather conditions and salt water spray. ABS housings, waterproofed drive units and stainless steel mounting brackets can all be utilised to meet these requirements. 

Speakers in a food factory or other cleanroom need to be water resistant as they may often need to be hosed down for hygiene purposes, so its vital to check the IP rating as this will tell you if the speaker can resist high pressure jets of water from all directions.

Water resistant speakers are also essential for outdoor entertainment such as a beer garden or theme park and there are many different types from small cabinet speakers for an outdoor bar through to high power music horns for sports stadia. 

Please see our 'IP ratings technical guide' for an explanation of the different levels of ingress protection.

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