A sound system for a hotel is usually a complex collection of individual audio zones each with specific requirements.

At the very least, a hotel will need a general audio system throughout, providing background music in the hotel lobby, corridors & bar with facilities for emergency announcements via a Voice Alarm System. A multi-zone paging microphone at reception enables announcements to be made in targeted areas of the hotel.

Various function rooms may need standalone music systems for weddings and presentations, and a conference suite may benefit from a ‘packaway’ conference system allowing voting or translation features.

Wireless microphones can be used in adjacent rooms but care must be taken to use suitable frequencies to avoid interference.

For smaller events, a portable sound system is ideal as it can be moved from room to room as required and set up in minutes.

Each individual hotel bedroom could have a wall mounted selector with pre-programmed radio stations, line input socket or Bluetooth connection for guests to play their own music.

There may also be a spa area requiring water resistant speakers for background music and paging around a swimming pool, in a sauna, as well as changing areas or spa treatment rooms.

We would be delighted to help you with your hotel sound system and, if required, we can put you in touch with a specialised audio installer from our large customer base who can advise you further and provide a competitive quotation for installation. Commercial audio systems run at high voltages, so it's advisable to use a contractor with the right experience.

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