An industrial sound system for a warehouse, factory or distribution centre can be used for paging or background music.

Pendant speakers are often used in storage areas as they can be suspended from high ceilings for wide dispersion of sound over a large area. 

In large factories and distribution centres horn speakers may be used to project audio over long distances and be heard over high ambient noise levels.

An effective PA system in a warehouse is essential in order to page staff or communicate break times or shift changes. Automated shift change alerts and messages can be stored and scheduled by a device such as the Waves System Chronoplayer.

In this example of a large manufacturing facility, pendant speakers are used in the warehouse with horn speakers being used in the processing and manufacturing due to high ambient noise levels. Ceiling speakers have been specified for the staff canteen and office areas. A media player is used to provide background music, but it can also be used for scheduled shift change announcements. You can see this example along with an example of a much simpler industrial sound system in the PDF download.

Example of a sound system for a manufacturing facility

A door bell alert at the loading bay or telephone system can also be integrated.

A radio tuner playing through a factory sound system needs careful planning to control overall sound levels where ambient noise may already be high, but may help protect employees from potential hearing damage from listening to personal radios or MP3 players at high volumes.

In petro-chemical industries and parmaceutical manufacturing, specialised explosion proof or low shedding loudspeakers are needed for safety announcements & warnings in explosive or flammable atmospheres and to reduce contamination by airborne particles released from the speaker cone.

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Large scale audio installations use commercial audio speakers operating at high voltages so we would strongly recommend you consult a specialised local installer who can visit your building and provide a competitive quotation for installation. We have a large customer base of experienced installers throughout the UK and Ireland and we would be pleased to introduce you to someone local and ensure that you are looked after.

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