Aiphone DB Series

Easy to install 2-wire access control system with single and multi-tenant hands-free entry stations.

Open voice, PTT or VOX inside units feature door release and room to room communication capability. 

One door station can be used with up to 4 sub stations and 16 teneant stations.

  • Convenient box set is complete with a tenant master station, a 1-call entrance station, and a power supply (up to 3 more tenant master stations and 15 tenant sub stations can be added for a full 1x4x16 system)
  • Optional call extension speaker
  • Door release powered by door station without the need of an additional transformer
  • Backlit directory on door station
  • All Call between stations within same tenant residence or office
  • Option button to control an external device
  • Call tone volume control with mute indicator
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Power Source:

15V AC - use PT-1211C (requires 1 per tenant master station and 1 per 2 tenant sub stations)


Hands-free (VOX) or push-to-talk (simplex)

Door Release:

9.5~20V AC, 70Ω or higher resistance - use EL-12S

Wire Type:

Entrance Station to Tenant Master Station: 2-cond., low cap, PE insulation, solid, non-shielded – use Aiphone #871802
Tenant Master Station to Tenant Sub Station: 4-cond., low cap, PE insulation, solid, non-shielded – use Aiphone #871804
Between Tenant Sub Stations: 4-cond. + 2-cond. when sharing power – use Aiphone #822206 or #871804
Power Supply to Tenant Station: 2-cond., low cap, PE insulation, solid, non-shielded – use Aiphone #871802


Power Supply to Entrance Station or Door Strike (cumulative): 360'(22AWG), 1,020'(18AWG)
Power Supply to Tenant Master Station: 180'(22AWG), 510'(18AWG)
Tenant Master Station to farthest Tenant Sub Station: 330'

Back Box Depth:

minimum for all flush-mount stations