Ampetronic CLS2
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Ampetronic CLS2

The Ampetronic CLS2 is a wall mounted induction loop amplifier providing coverage of up to 400m². Coverage varies according to room aspect ratio, so please contact us for advice if you are unsure which loop amp would be best for your project.

The compact, slimline tamper resistant enclosure can be discreetly mounted on a wall and all connections and controls are secured behind a hinged, detachable cover. Once the cover is screwed closed, there is no access to the cable connections or controls.

Input options on the Ampetronic CLS2 are comprehensive, with four independent inputs for balanced microphone, balanced and unbalanced line, low impedance and 100V - line speaker systems, plus priority alarm, doorbell or telephone connections.

3 LED indicators on the front of the cover show the power, current drive and auto gain control status.

  • Quick and simple to install
  • Area coverage to >400m2
  • Highest power loop driver in class
  • 4 Independent configurable inputs
  • Wall mounted
  • Metal Loss Correction
  • Cabling and controls behind tamper resistant cover
  • 2 Priority alarm inputs
  • Free Technical support
  • 5 Year warranty
List Ex VAT: £413.90
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Input 1

Balanced Mic, balanced or unbalanced line
Input impedance 10kΩ per side
Min level (MIC / Line -73dBu / -31dBu
Max level (MIC / Line) -37dBu / +5dBu
Phantom voltage MIC only +12V

Input 2

As input 1 mic level
Balanced mic
Input impedance 10kΩ per side
Min level (MIC / Line -73dBu / -31dBu
Max level (MIC / Line) -37dBu / +5dBu
Phantom voltage MIC only +12V

Input 3

Balanced or unbalanced line, expansion port
Input impedance 1MΩ per channel
Min level -33dBu
Max level +3dBu

Input 4

Isolated 100V line or low impedance mono or stereo speaker
Input impedance 100V Line / spkr 120kΩ / 7.8kΩ
Min level 100V Line / spkr +14dBu / -9dBu
Max level 100V Line / spkr >+47dBu / >+27dBu

AC power input supply

230V 30W 45-65Hz
120V option available
Connected via chassis mounted screw terminal block

Input fuse - 230V 
Input fuse - 120V 




Drive voltage

>6.4Vrms - 9.0Vpk

Drive Current

Continuous 1kHz sine wave >4.6Arms 7.0Apk
Short term peaks >7Arms 10Apk

Minimum Loop Resistance


Maximum Loop Impedance




Frequency response

80Hz to 6.3kHz ±3dB



Automatic Gain Control

(AGC) Optmised for speech. Dynamic range >36dB

Metal loss correction

(MLC) 0 to 3dB per octave frequency correction (1kHz remains constant).
Control mounted on PCB.




Natural convection


IP20, -10ºC to +40ºC


W, H, D: 200mm, 200mm, 44mm




Wall mounting, secured by 4 screws

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