Audio Technica AT8646QM

The Audio Technica AT8646QM microphone shock mount plate isolates mounted gooseneck microphones from impact vibration and mechanical noise normally trasnferred through the desk, lectern, pulpit etc on which they are mounted.

Also available with an on/off switch - see AT8646QMS.

  • Shock-mount plate for 'quick-mount' gooseneck microphones
  • Intended for lecterns, pulpits, conference tables and other surfaces
  • Suspended rubber panel isolates microphone from the mounting surface
  • Provides effective reduction of mechanical noise and vibration
  • XLRF connector mount
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Input connector  3-pin XLRF-type
Dimensions 78 mm (3.07") maximum width
78 mm (3.07") maximum depth
8.4 mm (0.33") maximum height

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