Cloud Electronics MPA120MK2
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Cloud Electronics MPA120MK2

The Cloud Electronics MPA120MK2 120 watt mixer amplifier, one of our favourite products, offers mixed impedance outputs on 4 ohms as well as 70V and 100 volt line.

The MPA series amplifiers are available in 2 output variations - MPA120MK2: 120 watts, MPA240MK2: 240 watts.

The MPA mixer amplifiers have six unbalanced stereo line inputs for music sources, and two balanced microphone inputs. Each microphone input has its own rear panel sensitivity control and front panel gain control, and the selected music source is mixed with the summed mic signals before being fed to the power amplifier stage.

The selected music source is mixed with the summed mic signals before being fed to the power amplifier stage.

The power output stage is transformerless, and is capable of driving 70/100 V-line loudspeaker distribution systems directly. Rear panel DIP switches allow the output voltage and impedance to be selected, permitting the amplifier to be used to either drive low-impedance (4 or 8 ohm) loudspeakers or 70/100 V-line systems.

The Cloud PM1 single-zone paging microphone is compatible and the MPA120 can also be used for one of the zones on the Cloud PM4/8/12/16 multizone paging microphone. Alternatively, the Mic 1 input may be configured to suit most OEM paging systems; paging is activated by a short-to-ground access connection, and can have automatic priority over the other mic inputs.

  • Provides amplification and simple control of music, mic sources and paging in a single unit
  • Available in two versions, with output power ratings of 120 or 240 W
  • Integral two-channel microphone mixer with per-input sensitivity adjustment
  • Front panel controls for music source, music level and level of each mic input
  • Six (unbalanced) stereo line inputs with individual sensitivity adjustment
  • Two balanced mic inputs – 12 V phantom power available on either or both
  • Separate HF/LF EQ adjustments (rear panel) for mic signals and music source
  • Paging control on Mic 1 input via short-to-ground access connection
  • Mic 1 configurable as high-voltage input for paging from existing 70/100 V-line system
  • High-voltage input alternatively selectable to Line 5 input: permits existing background music to be routed via MPA MK2.
  • Selectable VOX mic-over-music priority on all mic Inputs
  • Automatic Mic 1-over-Mic 2 priority in Page mode; may be overridden by internal jumper
  • Selectable LINE 6 priority with choice of release times
  • Selectable pre-announcement chime
  • Music Mute control input (N/O or N/C) for interface to an emergency system
  • Facility Port supports BT-1 Bluetooth input moduleand/or LM-2 Active Input Plates
  • Compatible with standard Cloud remote control plates: RL-1 Series (music level) and RSL-6 Series (music level and source selection)
  • Power amplifier protection circuitry and input limiter
  • Transformerless output stage can be configured to drive either 70/100 V-line systems directly, or low impedance loudspeakers (4/8 ohms)
  • Aux output from pre-amp (balanced, line level)
  • Automatic power-down function (user-selectable)
  • ENERGY STAR Certification applied for
  • Convection cooled (MPA120 MK2); forced-air cooling with variable speed control (MPA240 MK2)
  • 1U 19” rack mounting unit
100V 4ohms 1U bluetooth
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Line Inputs


Frequency Response

20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±1 dB


195 mV (-12 dBu) to 2.0 V (+8 dBu)

Input impedance

47k ohms


>16 dB


HF: ±10 dB/10 kHz LF: ±10 dB/50 Hz

Microphone Inputs 


Frequency Response

-3 dB @100 Hz (fixed filter) to 20 kHz, ±1 dB


2.54 mV (-50dBu) to 245 mV (-10 dBu)

Input Impedance

3.3k ohms (balanced)

Phantom Power

12 V, switchable per-input by jumpers


>16 dB

Noise (EIN)

-126 dBu


HF: ±10 dB @ 5 kHz LF: ±10 dB @ 100 Hz



Output Power

120 watts

Minimum Load

Low-Z: 4 ohms

High-Z 70V-line 41 ohms

High-Z 100V-line: 21 ohms

General specifications 


Power input

Universal type, 85 to 265 VAC, 45 to 65 Hz


MPA120MK2 – Natural convection

Dimensions (mm)

482.6 mm x 44 mm (1U) x 150 mm (less connectors & knobs)

19” x 1.75” (1U) x 5.9” (less connectors & knobs)

Net weight

MPA120MK2 - 2.15kg / 4.8 lbs

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