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Mipro MTM-58

Interlinking transmitter module for Mipro MA-708 and MA-808 portable PA system - enables one unit to transmit the audio to a second unit.

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The Mipro MTM-58 interlinking transmitter module enables one MA-708 or MA-808 to transmit the audio to a second unit.

The second MA-708 or MA-808 requires an MRM-58 receiver module in order to receive the transmission.

Please bear in mind that using this module will impact on the number of radio mics you can use with the system as the module slots will be in use for the transmitter and receiver.

Please call us for clarification on how this may affect you.

  • Compatible with ISM 5.8 GHz receiver modules.
  • 12 selectable channels, with LCD display.
  • Modular design allows for easy installation and maintenance.



Additional Information

Matching Receiver Modules

ISM 5.8 GHz receiver module

Frequency Range

5725~5850 MHz

Oscillation Mode

PLL Synthesized


125 MHz

RF Output Power

20 mW 

Spurious Emissions

< -45 dBm

Dimensions (W×H×D)

75 × 35 × 165 mm


Approx. 78 g 


Refer to actual product in the event of product description discrepancy.

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