Listen Technologies LR-4200-IR

The Listen Technologies LR-4200-IR receiver offers outstanding audio clarity and quality with the best range and reception in its class.

The receiver housing is made from infrared transparent material for outstanding reception performance.

The compact size makes the receiver easy to wear. A clip on the back enables the receiver to be attached to a shirt or jacket pocket and dual 3.5mm output jacks enable two sets of headphones to be connected to allow receivers to be shared between users.

Alternatively, the LA-430 intelligent lanyard can be connected to the outputs instead, providing a localised inductive neckloop for telecoil users. The lanyard incorporates output sockets for use with an earpiece/ headphones for complete versatility. The lanyard ensures the receiver remains in a good position for reception as it needs to be in line of sight of the IR radiator. The DSP loop driver offers an improved listening experience for anyone with a T-coil-equipped hearing aid.

Charge status, along with channel information and volume level, are easy to read on the customisable OLED display.

The LR-4200-IR incorporates advanced Li-ion rechargeable batteries for long life and reliable power for up to 8 hours use when fully charged. An auto power-down function switches the unit off after 30 mins have elapsed without IR reception to conserve battery life. There is a micro USB connection for simple recharging via any standard USB port or optional standalaone charger. Alternatively, a hard charging / carry case is also available for simultaneous charging of up to 12 the charging contact on the bottom of the unit.

The LR-4200-IR is an outstanding infrared receiver for any venue looking to offer convenient, secure and reliable assistive listening.

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