Terracom IPSM-2C20

The TERRACOM IPSM-2C20 IP module can be used to convert any standard low impedance speaker, whether it’s a ceiling speaker, cabinet, projector or horn, into an IP addressable and power over Ethernet (PoE) loudspeaker.

While supporting PoE+ (power over ethernet), an external power adapter can also be used for further power (24VDC). By using an existing network with RJ45 connection, PoE+ offers a cost-effective solution for commercial audio by minimising the number of cables required.

Each module has an integral Class D amplifier offering 2 x 20 Watt channels for 8 Ohm speakers (bridgeable to 40 Watts for 4 Ohm speakers) and it is possible to connect multiple speakers to a single module (assuming each speaker doesn't need to be individually addressable).

Control inputs can be used to operate the module with an RAC5/8 wall mount volume control & source selector. Other features include integrated DSP tools for audio enhancement and memory storage.

Please note, the IPSM-2C20 does not have a protective casing so should be installed in a suitable place. An alternative model is available which has a completely enclosed casing; please see the IPBX-2C20.

  • Support PoE+ and PoE power
  • Standard RJ45 interface, PCB control and Class-D amp board (2 x 20w)
  • Cost effective and simple installation with single cable deployment
  • Easily configured, controlled, managed, and monitored via web browser
  • Full DSP includes Ducker, AGC, PEQ, Hi/Low Pass, Compressor, Limiter, etc.
  • IP based for music streaming, routing, paging and control over LAN/WAN
  • VoIP call via SIP protocol
  • Supports audio codecs G.711u, G.711a, G.722, PCM16K and MP3
  • 3 control inputs, 1 contact output
  • Internal storage (200mb) plus microSD card of up to 512GB available for message or music storage.
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