NEXO ID Series
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NEXO ID Series

With a shared sonic signature, ID Series speakers create thrilling and immersive sonic experiences in the most complex acoustic environments. And to ensure a low visual impact, ID84 column speakers, ID14 super-compact speakers and ID24 compact speakers can be specified in black, white or custom RAL colours.

ID Series speakers are available in touring and fixed installation versions.

Connectivity on ID Series touring versions is via Speakon connectors on the rear, whilst Installation versions use a glanded 2 core audio input cable to ensure IP54 (ID 84 / ID24) and IP55 (ID14) compliance.

Complementing ID Series speakers are four compact, powerful subs, (1 x 8”, 1 x 10”, 2 x 10” and 3 x 12”) all available in install and touring versions. With a low-profile, sleek design, ID Series subs are easily installed discretely in a wide range of locations – within walls, staircases, under furniture and more. As a dedicated partner for the ID84, the IDS312 sub can accommodate the column mounted directly on top, creating an elegant, compact full range system.
A variety of brackets & truss mounts enables the range to be mounted, flown or ground stacked to suit the project.

The versatile ID84 column speaker offers high quality music reproduction and can be used freestanding, pole mounted on a floor plate or directly mounted into the receptacle on top of the dedicated IDS312 sub. Further columns can be connected in an inverted layout for optimum coverage and the switchable HF dispersion can be set accordingly.

The ID14 can be used as a standalone speaker, partnered with the IDS108 sub or used as part of a larger system with other ID Series speakers, to deliver powerful, full range sound from an exceptional compact cabinet. To ensure perfect coverage in every application, the ID14 is available in two different HF coverage options: the standard 100°x100° horn, or an asymmetric version offering 90°x140° dispersion.

The compact ID24 speaker features a unique user-rotatable horn that lets users quickly select between 120° x 40° or 40° x 120° HF coverage, for unparalleled flexibility. The rear mounted horn rotator can be adjusted without the need for any tools and without removing the grille or opening the cabinet. The versatility of the ID24 is further enhanced by a selection of horn options with dispersions including 60° x 60°, 90° x 40°, 120° x 40° and 120° x 60°. Ideal for horizontal or vertical mounting via and mounts, floor mounting for stage front fill and under theatre balconies to reach audience areas that the main system does not cover.

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