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Looking for audio, video or IP intercom & door entry solutions? Look no further! As an authorised UK Aiphone distributor, Commercial Audio Solutions can help.

Aiphone have over 70 years manufacturing experience and are the worlds largest intercom manufacturer for both residential & commercial properties. Build quality is superb & products are backed up by a 3 year guarantee.

The Aiphone range of feature rich, innovative intercom products is easy to install & use. We've included a basic selection on the website, ideal for small scale installations. Intercom boxed kits are also available for simple single door & control station set ups. However a large scale intercom & access control system can be tricky to configure so please contact us for advice on the best solution from the extensive Aiphone range. 

Take a look at the overview below. Brochures are available to download but please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

Aiphone IX2 Series

Aiphone IX2 Series

Full IP-based Peer to Peer Audio-Video Intercom System with video entry security, internal communication, emergency stations & paging.

  • All‑in‑one communication system for video entry & access control
  • Unlimited number of door and master stations
  • LAN & VPN connections
  • Uses new or existing network infrastructure
  • Power over Ethernet design
  • 24/7 monitoring / recording from door stations
  • ONVIF compliant video output & compatible with third party IP cameras
  • Manual / automatic transfer of missed calls / door calls to any master station

Download the Aiphone IX2 Series Brochure here.
Please contact us about the IX2 range, it is not available to buy online.

Aiphone JO-WIFI Series

Aiphone JO Series

Inside stations feature touch buttons & 7 inch colour video screen.
Accommodates one door and up to two inside stations.

  • Answer calls and unlock your door via the large 7″ screen or your mobile devices
  • Store calls with no added fees using onboard memory or MicroSD card
  • Watch recorded calls from the on-site master or on the mobile app
  • See and hear who is at the door while remaining safe
  • Easy installation using just 2 wires, like existing doorbell wire
  • See & hear activity at the entrance via the door station
  • Stylish modern design
  • A sliding button in the app prevents accidental unlocking of your door

Download the Aiphone JO & JO-WIFI Series Brochure here.

Aiphone JP Series

Aiphone JP Series

Inside stations feature 7 inch colour touchscreen and hands-free or handset communication.
Supports up to 8 inside stations for internal communication and 4 door stations.


  • Digital Pan Tilt & Zoom camera & 170° wide angle lens on door stations
  • 7 " colour LCD touchscreen with hands‑free or handset communication
  • Camera position and zoom can be set for call‑in
  • Includes two N/O door release contacts (add RY‑3DL for 3~4 doors)
  • Memory records up to 20 calls internally & 1,000 calls to optional SD / SDHC card
  • Entry can be monitored via the master station
  • Video out to DVR & 1 output to control a secondary device
  • Homerun or daisy chain wiring, total distance up to 600m between door & farthest sub station

Download the Aiphone JP Series Brochure here.

Aiphone LEF Series

Aiphone LEF Series

Selective calling open voice, audio only system for up to 11 total stations.

The system can be designed to includie any combination of master and sub stations, up to its maximum capacity.


  • 3, 5, and 10-call masters
  • Intermixable system with any number of masters and subs to maximum capacity
  • Selective calling, monitoring, and optional All Call
  • Push-to-talk at master, hands-free reply at called station
  • Call tone and LED annunciation at master
  • Selective door release(w/ RY-PA per door) on LEF 3L/5/10 Call Masters
  • All Call with LEF-10S and all LEF-C masters (requires BG-10C)

Download the Aiphone LEF Series Brochure here.

Aiphone LEM Series

Aiphone LEM Series

Audio only, hands-free intercom system that supports up to three doors or subs communicating back to one inside master station.

  • Open voice communication
  • Push-to-talk at master; hands-free at remote
  • LE Sub stations; either door station or room sub station
  • Voice volume control

Download the Aiphone LEM Series Brochure here.

Aiphone DA Series

Aiphone DA Series

Single & Multi-Tenant Handset Intercom.

  • 2-wire system is quick and easy to install
  • Backlit directory on door station
  • Option button to control an external device
  • Call tone volume control with mute indicator

Download the Aiphone DA Series Brochure here.

Aiphone DB Series

Aiphone DB Series

2-wire access control system with single and multi-tenant hands-free entry stations.

  • Optional call extension speaker
  • Backlit directory on door station
  • All Call between stations within same tenant residence or office
  • Option button to control an external device
  • Call tone volume control with mute indicator

Download the Aiphone DB Series Brochure here.